Record first, or so it all began

28 Feb 2012

Lose weight. As much to write some it and tell. So many tips, instructions and techniques! When I conceived to lose mass (in summer 2011), I shoveled a lot of information, and was ready for a radical replace in regime (because the extra 14kg of me there). Comfortably, I did not start to torture yourself zhestkach and hunger strikes. A some approximately myself, ladnenko? My name is Kate, I’m 19 years old and I have got this an experimental blog in ordering to see what I can do, I may do with them for three weeks. Background: The summer of 2011 I discovered the dietary Ducane (hereinafter all detailed explanation, explain and share), and until the fall she lost 14 kg. Growth of my 159, and with a weight of (!) 70kg I looked frightful, what may we hide here. Lose up to 56, I relaxed a small, and brought the regime to the end, rightly, scored 60. At this point, I decided to yet decorate the job, and give yourself a second chance. My height is 159 (repeat), weight – about 60 (1st of accurately reported, and at the same capacity), and I’m going to lose mass. And help me on this Duke trenazherku (want to make myself), jogging in the morning (we need strive hard to create myself), a charger and a hoop. In chief much of plans, motivation enough. I think that there are people who will be interested to read it all. I am pleased to share all that I know, offering council or just support.


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