Kefir dietary

10 Aug 2012

Possess a great and slender shape every woman dreams of. Let say that a good man should be plenty. All this justification of those who can not keep her form in top contour. And even more so in an age when harmony is associated with heartiness, began to actively have involved in all sorts of methods to lose gravity. About hours torture themselves in gyms, but in the evening eat how many sweets and starchy foods. Other handfuls apply variant dubious diet pills, just the result of them miserable. There is another technique to lose weight – gravity loss dietary. There are many kinds of diet for rapidly lose weightiness, such as buckwheat regimen, grain dietary, grapefruit dietary. The most important thing to choose the right useful and productive at the same time regimen. A very active method, and most importantly, one that subsequently saves the newly acquired form is kefir diet. With this regimen It is possible to throw for the course at least five pounds. This regime allowed a number of diseases such however hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, kidney stones, gout. Usually known artists do not reveal your secrets to a perfect figure, but Larisa Dolina slightly open secret of the rapid mass loss. It turns out her secret – kefir diet. In addition, kefir regimen – a very cheap technique to lose weight, because you will not get to spend big your money on a gym or weightiness loss pills. You’re probably wondering what the basic tenets of this regime. As, remember. 1-st of all, during this dietary is absolutely contraindicated the apply of saccharose and salt in main. In addition, to reach the maximum effect is not recommended to bring their own changes to this regime. Kefir regime is designed for seven times. The 1-st time of kefir diet: You have to drink a half liter of yogurt and eat 5 boiled potatoes. The second time of kefir diet: Again for you and a half liters of yogurt and allowed one hundred g. Of cooked chicken fresh meat. The 3-rd day of kefir regimen: Regime is the 3-rd time of the same and a half liters of yogurt and one hundred g. Of cooked meat. In the fourth and fifth time you will enjoy to drink a half liter of yogurt. Only the fourth time may be one hundred grams of boiled crab, and the fifth – fresh vegetables and fruits, except grapes and small bananas. Sixth day – very difficult, because the alone one allowed to yogurt. Finally, the entire regimen on the seventh time you drink only mineral water. Repeat kefir dietary may be no earlier than 2 weeks.


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